Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m Eeni B. Bella. Not really, but that’s what you can call me. Even if you know my real name, please respect my privacy by calling me by my pseudonym here. My full blog title is an anagram of “It’s a radical lesbian feminist blogger.” I was inspired to start this blog when my friend Heart’s website was hacked into and shut down by misogynist haters. These anonymous misogynists are trying their best to shut strong womyn up, but you know what, THEY CAN’T. The more they try and shut us up, the more determined I am to add and raise my voice, and stand with my sisters.

I encourage other radical feminists/Heart supporters to join me, especially those of you who have been reluctant to blog because of the misogynist backlash. What if, instead of going quiet because of it, dozens and dozens and hundreds of us start getting louder? What if, for every blog/site the misogynists shut down, we started another 5 or 50?
If you want to blog anonymously, as I have chosen to do, I have come up with over 75 other blog titles/pseudonyms that are anagrams of “radical feminist,” “lesbian feminist witch,” “heart has my vote,” etc! Contact me if you want the list! (Yes, anagramming is time-consuming, and I’ve been a bit obsessive with it lately… but it’s one of my coping strategies for dealing with a broken heart. It’s a good distraction).

I am, among other things, a lesbian, a radical feminist, a witch/herbalist-in-training, an unschooler/advocate of democratic education, a bookworm, a writer, a Unitarian Universalist, and a children’s rights advocate. To many, these things may not seem to be connected, but they’re all very much intertwined inside of ME, and my blog will reflect that.

I can’t say for sure what shape this blog will take, but you can probably expect to find:

– Ramblings about feminist theory and activism
– Feminist book reviews, especially of young adult literature with strong female protagonists
– Discussion of sexism in children’s lives
– Discussion of the connections between democratic education and radical feminism
– MichFest stories
– Reflections on Goddess Spirituality
– Herbal healing for womyn, and DIY-living in general, as it pertains to living outside of patriarchy
– What it means to live a womyn-centric life/separatism